Study Trip

Study Trip of Ukrainian and Moldovan Human Rights Activists and Lawyers to the Czech Republic

In the last few years, HR activists and NGOs both in MD and UA have met with unlawful practices, various cases of harassment and intimidation by state authorities. Therefore, PIN decided to open a legal clinic in 2011 in Tiraspol (Transnistria, MD) and establish a network of four such clinics in July 2012 in Crimea (UA). The aim of the clinics is not only to defend citizens and NGOs, which are in conflict with the state, but also to raise awareness of human rights issues and to support active citizenship. The clinics contribute to such aim through free consulting, educational trainings, public events, campaigns and debates. Also, the clinics serve as an expert platform and cooperate closely with media.

The study trip of 7 HR activists and lawyers is part of a complex educational program, which helps build capacities of the NGOs that run the legal clinics in Crimea and Transnistria. The week-long study trip in late January 2013 will take forms of workshops and visits to CZ clinics.

First, workshops will focus on sharing experience in free legal consulting on human rights and the work of such legal clinics in the CZ, MD, PL and UA. Participants will be provided with a space to discuss good and bad practices with CZ and PL experts.

Second, experience in launching public campaigns in Central European and post-Soviet regions will be discussed and evaluated. Part of a campaign manual with success stories will be elaborated by the participants.

Third, HR activists and lawyers from the CZ, MD, PL and UA will brainstorm together to find new methods and instruments of how to tackle human rights abuses in their countries both on local and national levels. Four, networking of participans will support future joint activities and projects.


 Образовательная поездка в Чехию представителей правових приемных из Украины и Приднестровья

Study Trip to the Czech Republic for Representatives of Legal Clinics in Ukraine and Transnistria








The study trip project is financially supported by the Visegrad 4 Eastern Partnership Program of the International Visegrad Fund and the program Transition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.